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Friends of Reading Abbey

The Friends’ aim is to aid the conservation of the Ruins of the Abbey for the enjoyment of all, and to spread knowledge and public awareness of its history. 


The Friends hold meetings twice yearly in Reading, on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons, when lectures are given by specialists on the life of the Abbey and related topics. These meetings are open to all.


Members receive three newsletters per year. Other occasional events take place.


The Friends run a website and a Facebook page which provide information about Reading Abbey and about current developments in the Abbey Quarter.


The website can be seen at:


and the Facebook page at:


New Friends of Reading Abbey are always welcome.  The membership page for joining is on the website at:


Below are a few photos of recent Friends of Reading Abbey events.

AGM 2017, Waterhouse Chamber, Reading Town Hall

St Nicholas Church, Steventon, Annual Outing 2017

Waterfest 2017

                Summer Party 2016, Forbury Gardens

Visit to the Great Hall of Magdalen College Oxford

during the Friends Annual Outing 2015,

showing the linen-fold panelling which may have come from Reading Abbey

              This coming year will be one of the most important in the recent      history of the Abbey.


As I hope you can see, the Friends of Reading Abbey combine expertise with enjoyable excursions. Do keep an eye on this site and on the FORA website for further information and to keep up to date with all that is happening.


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